Friday, 29 December 2006

Preparing to Set Sail

Tally ho chaps.

And so here is my "blog".

I am at the moment still preparing for the long voyage and stocking up on limes. Not for scurvy (I have that under control now thank-you) but because I hope to drink enough gin and tonics before we leave as to render myself incapable for the journey, in case of disaster. I have packed all of my navigational equipment and am ready to face the elements. My only fear now is the terrible savages I may encounter on my travels to this brave new world, although fellow captains have told me that these days the savages are white and armed with beers, not spears, so I can rest easy knowing that I have successfully run away from a similar type of menace in Blighty.

We set sail in several days, arriving first in Hong Kong and thence to the place where so many of our subjects have been banished to brutish penal servitude and endless suburbian barbeques. What will I make of it? I can only guess. What will the natives make of me? One can only imagine. But one thing's for certain; Whatever happens I will write it up here and pretend someone is reading it.

For now,

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